A fellow gypsy who teaches from her heart, sharing her passion of myth and mantra with all.
One of my favorite people in the world. Honest, inquisitive and creative. Vancouver.
An incredibly truthful, gets-right-to-heart-of-the-matter-yogini. Vancouver, Canada
Reno & Sj’s yoga studio on Main St, Vancouver BC. Check it out!
Local mala company created by two sisters with the vision to share their passion of japa.

B&B on Salt Spring Island (BC Canada) with two of the best healers I’ve been to (Kath & Bruce)

Irene Sanchez
Chinese doctor, shaman, doula and healing Goddess. Vancouver, Canada.

Keema Shields
She is intuitive, one of the best TCM’s I’ve ever experienced.

Kent Brun
Hosts a great podcast interviewing yogis.

Nico Luce
Fellow traveling yogi, who’s taking Europe by storm. Check him out if you’re on that side of the Atlantic.

Douglas Brooks
Sanskrit and Tantric scholar. Looking to go deeper into the esoteric? Check him out.

Prema Yoga
Brooklyn based yoga studio that is full of heart.

Priestess + Deer
Powerful, empowering and creative clothing. ’nuff said.

Rafael Altman (Dj AuGustus)
One of my favorite collaborators, Dj AuGustus kills it on the turntables as well as on the screen.

Randelle Lusk
One of my first mentees, this woman is able to share her vulnerability and at the same time take you deeper into your own.

Twee Yoga
Prana Flow sista.